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Story of a murder by proxy 

Récit d’un meurtre par proxy

Live a good life surrounded by nature, indulging in daydreams in heavenly settings. Ah! The dream, or shall I say, the mirage of many?

Many people imagine our enchanting islands with a kaleidoscope in their eyes. It is the envy of elsewhere, the sweet escape in the form of spice markets and beaches of fine sand.

I am interrupting your program to come and say that heaven is in fact poison.

There we find an elixir lavishing slow death. It infests, it penetrates, and it is here to stay. No good life possible, where life itself is compromised .... within it! in his soil!

“Can one lead a good life in a bad life ? “- Judith Butler. 

Everything is natural, nothing is unnatural. 

After years of  juggling between shitty jobs and a promising career as an indie musician Olivia contemplates going back to Guadeloupe.
She believes getting in touch with her maternal roots is much needed for her path to healing.  She’s been having lots of intense dreams.  Also, let’s be real, she needs rest. She’s gobbling up  her fourth café au lait in front of her computer. 
32 tabs open. Juggling. 
She can’t decide if she wants to :
1)  watch Candyman for the fifth time and take the risk to turn an intense dream into straight up nightmares, 
2)  binge-watch the No Limit Chronicles on BET

She can’t decide 

Paris is psychotic... some  drug dealers are getting into it in front of her porch. 
They might need a break too, they’re working hard. 
Especially the black dude with short relaxed hair and a side-part. 
Everybody’s feeling this unrivalled fatigue in their bones. 
She has always thought it will come way later in life. 

Her roomate storms in the apartment : 
Girl ! You left the key on the door ! If you want to get robbed just say that ?!


She says, She says

Olivia calls her best friend Gia to deliver the good news : she finally booked her ticket !

Gia is a tall slender congolese and martiniquan girl with a buzz cut.  Girl always got the sass and spiritual input. They have been friends since they’re fourteen or fifteen. 
They just be talking.

Olivia recalls the last time she’s been to Guadeloupe. She tells Gia about how her little sister Mona was 4 years old  and their mom was broke as hell couldn’t get them nowhere but to the hot baths of Bouillante. 
One day she took her little sister and took the Bus to the beaches up North.  It took two hours. One of the bus had air conditioning and a TV playing “The Game Plan” starring The Rock. In French, they called that damn movie, “Maxi Papa”.  Why they always have to make things sound so goofy ? 

Olivia feels relieved by the sound of Gia’s laughter. Deep down, she’s anxious about this trip. 


Music for airports