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She says, She says

Olivia calls her best friend Gia to deliver the good news : she finally booked her ticket !

Gia is a tall slender congolese and martiniquan girl with a buzz cut.  Girl always got the sass and spiritual input. They have been friends since they’re fourteen or fifteen. 
They just be talking.

Olivia recalls the last time she’s been to Guadeloupe. She tells Gia about how her little sister Mona was 4 years old  and their mom was broke as hell couldn’t get them nowhere but to the hot baths of Bouillante. 
One day she took her little sister and took the Bus to the beaches up North.  It took two hours. One of the bus had air conditioning and a TV playing “The Game Plan” starring The Rock. In French, they called that damn movie, “Maxi Papa”.  Why they always have to make things sound so goofy ? 

Olivia feels relieved by the sound of Gia’s laughter. Deep down, she’s anxious about this trip.